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Kangana Ranaut criticises a girl for going to a temple in shorts and recounts her own experience, saying, "I wasn't allowed in Vatican"

Kangana Ranaut responded to a Twitter user who criticised a girl for arriving to the Baijnath Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, wearing short western clothing. She agreed with the post and criticised the girl for dressing in “night dresses like they are casuals” while calling her a “clown.” In response to a tweet, she spoke about her personal experience of being denied entry to the Vatican City while wearing shorts.
A user posted images of two females standing in the Baijnath Temple's grounds on Twitter. One female is seen wearing a crop top and shorts, while another is seen wearing jeans and a shawl across her shoulders. This is the site of Baijnath, the well-known Shiva temple in Himachal Pradesh, he wrote with the images in Hindi. They arrived to Baijnath Temple in the same way as they would have arrived at a tavern or club. Such individuals shouldn't be permitted to visit the shrine. I'm vehemently against it. If my thought is deemed tiny or terrible in light of all of this, that is also fine.
“These are western clothes, invented and promoted by white people,” Kangana responded to the article. “I was once at the Vatican wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and I wasn't even allowed in the premises. I had to go back to my hotel and change.” These fools who seem to be wearing nightgowns as casual clothing are nothing but pathetic and lazy. Although I don't believe they are capable of having any other intentions, such idiots should be subject to stringent laws.
Recently, Kangana travelled for a religious event.
Kangana is from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, and often discusses the culture of her home region on Instagram. In a recent video, she could be seen relaxing on the banks of the Ganga while sharing peeks from her journey to Haridwar.
forthcoming movies starring Kangana
Kangana's next film appearance will be in Emergency, which the actress will also direct. Her first glance from the movie reveals a startling likeness between her and the late, strong leader, Indira Gandhi, who she portrays as the former prime minister. She has yet to reveal the Tejas release date, in which she portrays an officer of the Indian Air Force. Additionally, she has revealed Didda: The Warrior Queen of Kashmir and Sita: The Incarnation.

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