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Chris Gayle claims that the Covid lockdown caused him to turn to music

Chris Gayle, a record-breaking batter and former captain of the West Indies cricket team, has expressed his desire to perform a musical number with Deepika Padukone.
The batsman said that Deepika would be his choice to dance with if he ever gets the opportunity while releasing the music video for his song “Oh Fatima,” which he co-wrote with Arko.
I've really met her, Gayle remarked. “Deepika Padukone is a lovely woman. I would like dancing in a song with Deepika Padukone.
Gayle said when asked how his musical career began, “It all started during the epidemic when we were all imprisoned in our homes. Let's write a song together, said a buddy of mine. He unexpectedly showed up at my residence, and we sang together.
“I was really interested by it, and the nicest thing was how well-received it was in Jamaica. I then built up my own studio in my house and began working with musicians once I had finished recording another tune. My cricket career had never included any thought that I may try my hand at singing.
Gayle's first song was named “We Come Out To Party,” and he then worked with Mumbai rapper Emiway Bantai to make the music video for “Jamaica to India” in April 2021. “Punjabi Daddy” was then published.
'Oh Fatima' is his most recent single, which he co-wrote with singer-songwriter and music producer Arko. In response to a question about the song, Gayle stated: “When I first met Arko and he played the music, I responded right away that I wanted to be in it, and now here we are at the debut of our song together. The song has a tremendously infectious energy and mood. Your mind will be occupied by it.

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