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Anticipation Mounts for the Spectacular “Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival 2023”

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – The prestigious Sree Narayana Mission Senior
Secondary School, established 55 years ago, stands as a beacon of academic
excellence in Chennai. Renowned for its commitment to nurturing holistic individuals, the
institution focuses on intellectual prowess, extracurricular activities, and co-curricular
achievements. As the school proudly marks its 55th year of academic excellence, a
remarkable event is on the horizon – the "Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival
2023." Scheduled to transpire from September 28 to October 8, 2023 aiming to create
55 world records by team and individual which are proposed for certification by
esteemed record-keeping bodies, including Elite World Records, Asian Records
Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records.
Gokulam Gopalan, President, stated that as the festival approaches, students are
gearing up for the Longest Yoga Relay and also the students will practice as many as
yoga styles, it demonstrates not only their unity but also their flexibility, and showcase
their commitment to physical and mental well-being, setting the stage for a captivating
display of harmony and coordination through yoga. The festival will also resonate with
the melodious echoes of ancient slokas during the "Longest Slokas Recitation
Marathon." A meticulously selected and trained team of students, is expected to embody
the school's dedication to preserving cultural heritage through recitation which will foster
a sense of unity and spiritual energy among the students, he further added.
T.D.Rajan, Treasurer, detailed that the Imagination and creativity will take centre
stage as young storytellers prepare for the "Longest Storytelling Relay." This
collaborative event involves passing the imaginative torch from one participant to
another, encouraging teamwork and the art of weaving tales together. Also, in a burst of
vibrant colours and paper artistry is anticipated as students our students gear up for the
making Origami Balls Simultaneously, this event promises to be a dazzling showcase of
artistic expression. Added to that our Students' mental acuity will be put to the test for

Solving Sudoku Simultaneously, this engaging event will not only highlight individual
analytical skills but also showcase the power of collective determination, he further
Deepak Devarajan, Secretary, stated that the fusion of language and intellect will
be celebrated as students are set to Solve Crosswords Simultaneously, this engaging
activity will spotlight linguistic prowess and teamwork, turning crossword-solving into a
testament of collaborative effort. Laughter and excitement are expected to fill the air as
our students are set to Pop Balloons by Blowing them and also popping them with their
foot , this light-hearted yet impressive event will see synchronized efforts creating a
jubilant atmosphere and a memorable record-breaking feat, he further stated.
Vijayan Udayakumar, Vice President, detailed that the world of words and ideas
will be explored through a collaborative endeavour as students will be involved in Writing
Blog on a specific subject. This attempt will spotlight their creativity and teamwork,
fostering a platform for shared expression and literary exploration. Also, in a display of
martial arts prowess and teamwork, students are preparing for the longest karate relay
and silambam relay. With a focus on discipline and physical fitness, this will showcase
the participants' dedication to both physical and mental strength, he further added.
Praveen.P.C., T.G.Gopinathan, Dr.K.R.Dhilsaha, the Committee Members,
detailed that the Environmental consciousness takes the spotlight as students are
geared up for the challenge of making "Wealth from Waste". Aligned with values of
sustainability and resourcefulness, this event is set to inspire and highlight the
participants' dedication to creating a greener future. In another event the students are
prepared to take up the challenge of performing Jazz Dance and Hip Hop Dance, adding
a touch of vibrancy, this event will showcase the young dancers' flair for movement and
creativity in an electrifying performance, he further added.
Jayalakshmi, Principal, stated that, the picture puzzle-solving spectacle awaits
our students to showcase a diverse range of abilities across various age groups,

emphasizing both individual and collective problem-solving skills. A wave of creativity is
set to sweep as students are set to create Handmade Greeting Cards, alongside the
largest origami fishes mosaic and houses mosaic will also be created. This vibrant
attempt will not only showcase the students' artistic talents but also emphasize the
beauty of heartfelt gestures through the craft and handmade greeting cards, she further
As a supportive measure for the Fit India movement, our students will participate
in the largest sports drill, by holding ribbons and tennikoit rings. Additionally, our students
will take the squat and aerobics challenge with maximum participation. In order to unlock
the hidden potentials of our students, they will collaborate to publish a book containing a
maximum number of short stories and many students will come together as collaborative
authors to publish a book.
The anticipation for the "Sree Narayana Mission World Records Festival 2023" is
mounting as each event promises to be a testament to the school's commitment to
holistic education, creativity, and unity. As participants gear up to challenge records and
showcase their talents, the festival is on the verge of becoming a remarkable showcase
of India's future generations, leaving an indelible mark on the world of achievement and
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